Reviews Proposed Strategies for Ensuring Safety and Prosperity for Honduras

CreditUpdates HondurasHonduras, like many other countries throughout Central and South America, is enduring what many have termed a humanitarian crisis requiring outside intervention. United States politicians have outlined and proposed several potential strategies for ensuring the continued safety and prosperity of the people living within the country’s borders, but there is hardly a consensus developing around the most appropriate or most potentially effective of those proposed strategies., a company that is quite familiar with the benefits made possible through effective assistance across a wide variety of circumstances, has stated that there are many different solutions available for improving the current situation in Honduras. Of course, the implementation of these strategies requires a great deal of advance planning, forethought and cooperation among many different parties, but it seems clear that the natural beauty and the unique culture of the country has resulted in a number of these parties having an emotional investment in ensuring Honduras’ continued stability.

While the country seems to be enjoying a positive trajectory and a return toward stability in every possible sense, there is still a great deal of work that needs to be done, both now and in the future. As might note, a consistent approach in which progress is continually valued will ensure the country continues on the path toward stability once again, aided by the right kind of help.

Karl Jobst DDS Flies To Honduras To Perform Dental Work On Natives

Karl Jobst DDS Honduras teethAs we all know, life in the Honduras mainland is less than dazzling when compared to the way of life of other countries around the world. Locals do not have the income to enjoy the luxuries that most counties would consider basic necessities, such as shopping, dental work and doctor checkups.

With these facts in mind, neighboring wealthier counties to Honduras have formed together to begin the Tooth For A Tooth rally in an effort to save money to fly in Karl Jobst DDS from Grove, OK to have some far overdue dental work done. Karl Jobst DDS is fully expecting to have to perform complete surgeries and for that reason he is coming prepared. “I’m taking everything I possibly can on this trip even if I don’t think it’s necessary. The worst thing would be to need it and not have it rather than to have it and not need it,” says professional dental expert, Karl Jobst.

With the flight happening in just a matter of weeks, the locals are awaiting Jobst with open arms and open mouths as well.

Michael Mally Teaches Honduran Natives Effective Business Management

Michael Mally, business management expert

Michael Mally, business management expert

Business is the same no matter where you go in America, however, some countries have a different way of conducting business than you’d expect. In some countries, such as in the Honduras and in other various places around the world, natives will talk rudely to their customers and have no problem doing what it takes to get you to buy.

Business in 3rd world countries is conducted in two ways. The owner of the shop is will do whatever possible to get you out or will do whatever possible for you to buy, including scamming and invading your personal space. Michael Mally, friend and business partner of Nick Alsis, made it a mission to teach native Hondurans effective business management skills.

According to Michael J. Mally, business conducted in the foreign land was a bit of a culture shock and his attempts to teach correct business wasn’t to change their culture, but rather to help their business and profits grow. The owner of a shoe repair shop Mr. Mally worked with was accepting to his advice and in the last 2 months has shows a 20% increase in business and customer satisfaction.

Michael J. Mally visits Honduras

Michael J. Mally

San Diego artist Michael John Mally recently took a trip to Honduras for the opening of Galeria del Sol. In the next week this new gallery will feature two works from Michael J. Mally which can be seen below. Both art installations will be featured at the gallery for the duration of the 2016 year and then hopefully be moved to the Honduran Art Institute.

Mr. Mally has offered a long term loan to any art gallery in Honduras for the sole purpose of promoting art in the country.

Michael John Mally as a photographer.

Michael John Mally as a photographer.

Honduras has long been famous for it’s written art. Many companies and organizations have a presence in the country, but that has been a recent development (over the last 30 years). One of those organizations is Compassion International, whose mission is to reach the under-served people living below the poverty line and to ensure that all children have access to food, water and education.

Famous Hondurans outside of the art-scene are well known musician and actress David Archuleta and America Ferrara.

Dr. Sid Solomon Preaches Importance of Environmental Responsibility to Visitors of Honduras

As one of the most beautifully diverse countries in the Central American region, Honduras is an environmental wonder that is deserving of continual efforts aimed at preservation. Dr. Sid Solomon, once a frequent visitor to Honduras who holds dear the many memories of nature’s resplendent spectacle throughout each and every season, routinely reminds visitors heading to Honduras to be mindful of the environment and respectful of the people who care for it on a daily basis.

According to Dr. Solomon, many travelers seem to be increasingly concerned over the impact of climate change on the region, and many of these same travelers are worried that the country’s residents may blame the tourism industry for contributing to the rapid changes the country may experience in the near future. While this is a reasonable concern, Dr. Solomon has advised visitors to simply demonstrate how they personally value the environment of Honduras and want nothing more than to make a positive contribution so that future generations of residents and visitors alike can enjoy the country’s natural beauty.

In striving to achieve this lofty goal, visitors can work alongside residents to show how it is possible to achieve an outcome that is mutually beneficial for all of the parties that happen to be involved. Through this shared goal, the beauty of Honduras can be safely preserved and environmentally responsible travelers can continue to visit the country entirely free from guilt.

Traveling to Honduras Requires Thorough Research and Preparation

A beautiful country that has been visited by consistently awed tourists from all over the globe, Honduras remains a popular destination among those seeking immense natural beauty along with a unique cultural experience. In recent years, however, the country has made headlines for reasons that hardly reflect a location that is held in such regard by visitors and locals alike. Unfortunately, parts of Honduras have gained a reputation for being dangerous due to increasing crime rates. While those rates have declined, it is still essential for visitors to take precautions while planning their vacation and prepare accordingly before traveling to or stopping over in the Central American country.

Perhaps the most important fact for tourists considering a trip to Honduras should recognize is that certain areas are far safer for tourists than others. Roatan, an increasingly popular tourist destination, typically experiences far less crime than places on the mainland of the country. The same is true of the Bay Islands, so those planning a visit to the country should develop a clear understanding of which places are considered most safe and which places represent the greatest travel risk. Just like any other country throughout the world, there are simply places that are not as safe as they should be and must therefore be avoided whenever possible. When it comes to conditions in which it becomes necessary to seek auto repair Goodyear, AZ and Roatan, Honduras both have a share of incidents in which cars are damaged for one reason or another independent of geography. However, the existence of a dangerous locale within a country or a report of an isolated incident occurring, it hardly means that the whole of the country is so dangerous that traveling there represents some tremendous and unnecessary risk.

Once a desired location is recognized as a safe destination for travel, it then becomes important to outline an itinerary that ensures travelers are able to take advantage of the many attractions that draw travelers to Honduras in the first place. Everyone has their own specific preferences in terms of the level of detail that goes into planning, but even the most spontaneous of individuals should at least take the time to sketch out a general plan that is flexible enough to provide for extemporaneous behavior once there. With plenty of resources rich with useful and relevant information about Honduras, travelers will not have to go to great lengths to conduct this sort of research and planning, and having done so will lead to a far more enjoyable stay in the country.

To get the most out of a travel experience in Honduras, visitors should also consider learning as much conversational Spanish as possible. There is tremendous value in being able to speak the official language of the country with residents, as this makes it possible to gain insight into lesser-known destinations that may not be so well known outside of the country. In terms of enhancing safety and creating greater opportunities for authentic experiences, there are few things as beneficial as the ability to speak Spanish well with the residents. Of course, it is important to understand that language is nuanced and there is certainly the potential for misunderstandings to occur, but it seems quite clear that an understanding of Spanish will make it much easier for visitors to explore Honduras’ exquisite culture and have a deeper, more enriching travel experience.

Without proper research and preparation, travelers will be far less likely to have the kind of experience possible in a wonderful country such as Honduras. Not only will excellent opportunities be overlooked by unprepared travelers, but there becomes an increased likelihood that a dangerous but easily preventable circumstance could arise. Just as there are certain neighborhoods in Manhattan and Los Angeles (and many other cities throughout the world) that are not safe to walk through after the sun goes down, so too are there neighborhoods in Honduras that are unsafe after dark. Those who have researched and prepared before traveling will be well aware of the neighborhoods that should be avoided as well as the neighborhoods that offer the best experience from travelers journeying from abroad.

Kion Kashefi Gives Tips Living in Honduras

Honduras is a beautiful country where explorers and adventurers from far and wide come to experience the life of this land. Living in Honduras means you are living in adventure! If you are looking for adventure and excitement, but also looking for peaceful atmosphere, why not give living in Honduras a go?

The tropical country has so much to offer, such as affordable real estate and low building costs as well as a thriving economy and business stretched out far across the land with much thanks to Kion Kashefi.

If you were to live in Honduras for a few days, you’ll discover that friends are easy to come by and everyone in the community wants to help someone. The communities are generally very small, so they see each other as a big family and everyone knows everyone. You could meet someone at the grocery market and find out they know where you come from based on your accent, or they could tell you many stories about the area. You’ll find that many people in the tropical land are eager to share their interest with you and to get to know more about you and your interest in Honduras.

The more you associate with the native people, the more you begin to become part of the community and welcomed by society. The reason why getting along with the Honduran people is so easy is because they greatly value respect. Respect goes a long way through the simplest gestures. For example, before you engage in a conversation, make sure to check in with that person first. Find out how they are doing today or you may be considered as rude, only caring about what you have to say rather than caring about the person you are saying it to.

Sebastian Hirsch Honduras Education For The Future

From recent educational studies from 2000-2004, 2005-2009 and 2010-2014, statistics have shown that barely 30 out of 100 students complete school without having to redo grades the next year. The statistics reviewed over 15 years has everyone agreeing that the Honduras educational system is absolutely backwards.
More data and stats show that 51% of the college students finish their schooling school within 9 years on average, but there is more troubling news that the number of school dropouts has been seen to increase year by year. Sebastian Hirsch just may be the one to make a difference in this educational crisis. Hirsch says the education board needs to take note of the educational systems of other successful countries and incorporate their ways into the system. “When I was in school, we were told what we had to learn and we were given an strict ultimatum which gave us a sense of urgency to study,” says Hirsch.
Sebastian Hirsch has been working with the children in Honduras schools for the past year ever since the most recent studies of students success rates which was in 2014. His goal is to make sure not one child is left behind. “The children are the future. How can we expect to have a future if we don’t invest in the future? We need to take this seriously. I will be like a butler to these children, servicing them and making sure they succeed. That is my mission.”

Honduras Travel Terror

Traveling out of the United States is always a challenge but traveling to Honduras has its own travel terror.  The Honduras area is fraught with peril if you don’t know where to go.  imagesDJRDINO4 imagesOAXSO4X4If you are brave enough to go shopping in a third world nation then Honduras might be good for you.  Just plan for the worse and hope for the best.  Do not leave the tourist areas as the areas outside these areas can be dangerous.  If you can travel and shop with others it will help keep you safe as there is safety in numbers.  Luke Weil is a Honduras fan that doesn’t have a problem shopping anywhere.

Honduras Dealing

The goods available in Honduras are unique to the area.  Many are made locally by hand.imagesQQSPKIM4 imagesRB3KJ1YN  The local artisans are proud of their creations and they do have some charm.  The colors are bright and the sculptures are bold.  If you are a fan of Latin art then Honduras will be special to you.  Everywhere you turn there will be more to look at.  Just enjoy the shopping and don’t let it wear you out.  A little patience will go a long way to solving the hunt plans.  Terry Simpson MD is a regular shopper and collects just about every type of art.