Michael Mally Teaches Honduran Natives Effective Business Management

Michael Mally, business management expert

Michael Mally, business management expert

Business is the same no matter where you go in America, however, some countries have a different way of conducting business than you’d expect. In some countries, such as in the Honduras and in other various places around the world, natives will talk rudely to their customers and have no problem doing what it takes to get you to buy.

Business in 3rd world countries is conducted in two ways. The owner of the shop is will do whatever possible to get you out or will do whatever possible for you to buy, including scamming and invading your personal space. Michael Mally, friend and business partner of Nick Alsis, made it a mission to teach native Hondurans effective business management skills.

According to Michael J. Mally, business conducted in the foreign land was a bit of a culture shock and his attempts to teach correct business wasn’t to change their culture, but rather to help their business and profits grow. The owner of a shoe repair shop Mr. Mally worked with was accepting to his advice and in the last 2 months has shows a 20% increase in business and customer satisfaction.

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