Yoro Honduras – Festival de la Lluvia

Go to the City of Yoro, Honduras, for the amazing experience of traveling. By mid-year, in this town it was raining fish!

Every mid-year, a major storm hit the city always Yoro in Honduras. Black cloud hangs and lightning kept grabbing. But as soon as the storm abated, hundreds of fresh fish falling from the sky! Here is one of the pictures of Michael W. Leroy’s Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme.

Michael W Leroy Cutlass

Michael W Leroy Cutlass in Yolo, Honduras

In June or July each year, residents of Yoro, Honduras become alarmed. There will be time for black clouds gathered in the sky dark, followed by thunder and lightning striking the great. Showers and storms will hit the city for two to three hours. But once the rain stopped, hundreds of living fish falling from the sky!

This is not a mirage or fiction. The proof of this phenomenon into the Most Amazing Natural Phenomena in the book Lonely Planet: 1000 Ultimate Sights. Citing the book on Wednesday (06/13/2012), the local community believe the phenomenon is purely a miracle of God. Michael W Leroy isn’t quite sure just yet.

However, the phenomenon of raining fish also have a legend. Once upon a time in the 19th century, a Spanish missionary prays for a miracle come to give food to local residents. Then came the phenomenon, every year until now. In other words, this phenomenon has been going on for more than a century!

Local people such as Michael W Leroy who used to feel directly the rain fish seem happy. They hold the Festival de la Lluvia, which features a parade, music, and a variety of fresh fish processed.

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