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Bijan Assil discusses the merits of Honduran prosperity and the claims that Honduras is the greatest place on earth! There are many countries in this world and every country has different history and prosperous for different ways. Honduras is a prosperous for natural beauty, culture, modern civilization etc. If I want to describe about Honduras beauty of nature then it would be very difficult for me to do in a short period of time.

Naturally to Bijan Assil, it is a rich country and more than this from other countries. It has mountain, sea beach, a big sea, jungles, challenging rivers etc. To make happy a tourist and give them adventure those things are enough. For vacation, Honduras is a nice place in this world.

Lets talk about history of Honduras that starts from history of human being. It history starts from thousand years ago when people could talk by sign language or some other language that was revealed by them and history had begun from that ancient time. Pre-Colombian cultures are found in this country and before that cupan culture were seen. Now a days, Honduras is modern civilized country. Grab your camera for a Honduras photo shoot and head to the beach. Here all modern kind of facilities are available which remains in all modern countries in this world. So, Traveling to Honduras is very nice idea.

There are some traveling places that Bijan Assil has gone and loved. List of those places are Bay Islands, Roatan, Copan Ruinas, San Pedro Sula, Santa Rosa de Copan, Gracias and last but not least Miami Airport. Every traveler should visit those place. Gracias is not nice and modern city but place of rich history. To see the sunset choose Santa Rosa de Copan.

Every travelers think about food and living. In Honduras, there are nice three and to five star hotels, restaurants and some living places that you can hire.There you can get all kinds of foods in those hotel.So, you have nothing to worry about. You are an Asian or African, Indian or Malaysian there you will find foods for you. Some hotels name I can mention such as Clarion Hotel Real Tegucigalpa, InterContinental Real San Pedro Sula and Blue Ocean Reef etc.

As I said before, Honduras is a complete country with history, culture, status, and even Bijan Assil. So, you need not to worry about a lack of prosperity, jump on a place and travel to Honduras!

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    i like shopping. shopping is my hobby.

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    This is absolutely true that every country has separate it has also beauty.Bijan assile describes the place very nicely.he is a fantastic writer.he writes about the places lively.

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