Karl Jobst DDS Flies To Honduras To Perform Dental Work On Natives

Karl Jobst DDS Honduras teethAs we all know, life in the Honduras mainland is less than dazzling when compared to the way of life of other countries around the world. Locals do not have the income to enjoy the luxuries that most counties would consider basic necessities, such as shopping, dental work and doctor checkups.

With these facts in mind, neighboring wealthier counties to Honduras have formed together to begin the Tooth For A Tooth rally in an effort to save money to fly in Karl Jobst DDS from Grove, OK to have some far overdue dental work done. Karl Jobst DDS is fully expecting to have to perform complete surgeries and for that reason he is coming prepared. “I’m taking everything I possibly can on this trip even if I don’t think it’s necessary. The worst thing would be to need it and not have it rather than to have it and not need it,” says professional dental expert, Karl Jobst.

With the flight happening in just a matter of weeks, the locals are awaiting Jobst with open arms and open mouths as well.

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