Michael J. Mally visits Honduras

San Diego artist Michael John Mally recently took a trip to Honduras for the opening of Galeria del Sol. In the next week this new gallery will feature two works from Michael J. Mally which can be seen below. Both art installations will be featured at the gallery for the duration of the 2016 year and then hopefully be moved to the Honduran Art Institute.

Mr. Mally has offered a long term loan to any art gallery in Honduras for the sole purpose of promoting art in the country.

Michael John Mally as a photographer.

Michael John Mally as a photographer.

Honduras has long been famous for it’s written art. Many companies and organizations have a presence in the country, but that has been a recent development (over the last 30 years). One of those organizations is Compassion International, whose mission is to reach the under-served people living below the poverty line and to ensure that all children have access to food, water and education.

Famous Hondurans outside of the art-scene are well known musician and actress David Archuleta and America Ferrara.

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